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Colgan High School

Varsity Letter Jacket Information

Decoration Options-Letter Jacket 2022.jpg

You Provide Your Letter !

Jacket Styles

Back Decoration Options

Notes for Back Decorations:

There are three parts to the back decoration:

Decoration #1: School Name 

Decoration #2: Mascot

Decoration #3: Text of your choice.  Examples: Wrestling, Swimming, Sharks, Percussion, etc.

You can get any combination of these. Each part is separately priced.

Instructions for Ordering:


1. Download your full order form here. Print it and fill it out completely (both Jacket and decoration portions).


2. Take your order directly to our vendor, Shirt Art, Inc., a local business.  They designed our letter jackets specifically for Colgan High School. Shirt Art is located in Woodbridge, VA at 2869 PS Business Center, behind the Home Depot. Business hours are Monday through Friday until 7 pm.  No weekend hours!


3. Bring your Varsity Letter with you (if you have it).  If you are ordering early (before receiving your letter), you can deliver the letter directly to the vendor when the jacket comes in.


4. When the jacket is ready for pick up, you will be contacted directly by Shirt Art.  You will need to pick up the jacket once it is ready.


5.Questions?  Email us at
NOTE: Each jacket is specially made for you!  Delivery takes a 8-10 weeks.  We can provide you with the estimated delivery at the time of your order.

Step One: Choose Your Jacket Style and Size

  • Wool Body & Sleeves

  • Wool Body & Sleeves with Leather Shoulder Inserts

  • Wool Body & Leather Sleeves

Step Two: Choose Your Accent color (This is the color of the pocket trim and leather sleeves - if applicable)

  • Grey

  • Caribbean Blue (Light Blue)

  • Colgan Blue (Dark Blue)

Step Three: Choose Your Lining

  • Nylon (recommended)

  • Quilted

Step Four: Choose Your Decorations

  • Front (Example:Name and Graduation Year)

  • Sleeve (Example: Sport, Instrument)

  • Back (see images below) 

Step Five: Choose Your Font (for Front and/or Sleeve) and thread color (Caribbean Blue or Grey)

  • Cursive A (Custom Script)

  • Cursive B (Brush Script)

  • Full Block

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